Sunday, January 29, 2023

I'm writing Interactive Fiction, and the Finnegans Wake Reality theme isn't gone. Twine development

 1 year ago, January 2022, I had some seizures in my brain and I'm not recovering from it. I've been hospitalized 3 times in 12 months. I started to express where I'm at with my autism.

I am back on why I got into Interactive Fiction in 2016 and started this blog: Finnegans Wake. As in "Wake Reality" of James Joyce 1928 "Work in Progress" storytelling.

I am mixing a Twine  (+SugarCube) story with real-world Internet Domains.

www.ॐ.guide has one of the many entry points.

Indra's Net is a key theme, tied to ॐ meaning and the ThunderWords of Finnegans Wake.

www.ء.rocks is another story entry point. Take care, thank you.