Saturday, December 3, 2022

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Thunderword not forgotten, 2nd half of 2018

Hello. The last 9 months I've been engaged in personal matters including the death of my father. Just yesterday I got a new 14" Chromebook and was happy to see the year-old Thunderword code was able to run on it! Although on a 14" 1080p screen, I see I need to right away work on the text size controls and layouts more.

Expect some app updates and activity come August.

P.S. A new Android app is out there now, Fabularium, at - looks excellent and may end up scratching most of the itches I had in experimental coding with Thunderword.  I encourage you to check it out.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Detour to Qt C++ interface to RemGlk

Wake Reality has taken a technical detour to make a from-scratch Qt 5.9.1 C++ app that can show the JSON output of RemGlk.

This can run on both Android devices and desktop systems (Windows, Linux, Macintosh, etc).  It will be completely open source with a liberal BSD license that allows any commercial usage.

Right now it runs two-window classic interface Interactive Fiction stories. More to come, and we will likely publish a demonstration release on Google Play store.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thunderword [experimental] app story input is broken at the moment

Looks like some input-breaking changes are currently in the Thunderword [experimental] flavor of the app updates published in the past few days. Work is underway to resolve these input errors.  Reminder that there are two nearly-identical apps, "Thunderword" and "Thunderword [experimental]" - and both can be installed on your phone or tablet at the same time.

If you need assistance with using both apps on the same device, please ask.  In general, you will find that Text Fiction for Thunderword and Incant! for Thunderword show you which is the currently-targeted "engines" to interact with - and allow you to touch and select. Screen shot highlighting example

The Thunderword [experimental] app will get more frequent updates and features.  Sometimes things will break, but hopefully having two choices allows you to keep using it without serious interruption.  Thank you for your patience.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Next week development activity should pick back up

The past two weeks Thunderword development was on the back burner, but it will pick back up after this weekend.  The story download and browsing system from Incant! app should be integrated next week.  If you haven't looked at the Incant! for Thunderword app, please do.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Android: Browsing IFDB, finding Interactive Fiction, downloading

Wake Reality's vision has been to encourage Android app developers to make independent apps for browsing, organizing, and downloading Interactive Fiction stories.  We want to reiterate this desire.

We have put attention on the existing open source app Incant - which we have updated to Android Studio 2.3 development environment on GitHub with added launcher capability to Thunderword - which could also be extended to launch and organize stories for any of the other apps (Text Fiction, Son of Hunky Punk, Twisty, etc).

Someone could also make a new fresh app, Material Design or whatever. We encourage and invite it.  Thunderstrike on GitHub also has sample code - it can take only 10 lines of Java code to tell Thunderword to start a story.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thunderword app ++ Alan 2, Alan 3 interpreters on Android!

New alpha testing release published on Google Play. Alan 3 beta2 compatibility, same as desktop and Amazon Kindle Gargoyle. Name your files .acd, .a3c, place them on your /sdcard public storage and rebuild the database. The new control panel choice "[ Useful A ]" has an easy macro pick to rebuild the search database. It should find .acd or .a3c files anywhere on your public /sdcard paths.