Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Android apps for Inform 7 Glulx Interactive Fiction stories

The Inform 7 community has noted the lack of Glulx interpreters for Android devices. I found that there are actually two pure java apps that have been published in source code form on Github.

Incant at Github.com: qpliu/incant

And two more open source projects published that use NDK compiled code:

Twisty 2.0 was published as a demonstration at Github.com: sussman/twisty

Son of Hunk Punk at Github.com retrobits/son_of_hunkypunk - has Glulx support disabled in the currently released Play Store version - but inside it's source code it has the Git interpreter for Glulx compiled.

The missing ingredient seems to be getting these apps to a "supported state" for general purpose use.  That primarily involves finishing off various features of Glk that are not used by the simpler Z-code/Z-machine interpreters. For example, Glk window support, Glk graphics, and Glk sound.

Incant is notable in this regard because it actually has working sound and graphics on it's custom Glulx interpreter.

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