Sunday, March 26, 2017

Keyboards for parser Interactive Fiction in Thunderword

Desktop PC running Firefox accessing Thunderword on the Android device
Firefox on desktop PC access Thunderword on Android

Screen shot of a desktop PC running Firefox web browser - accessing the integrated Thunderword web server.  This can be used as an alternate to Bluetooth and USB keyboard solutions that Android offers.  Wake Reality is also working to integrate Onyxbits' excellent telnet solution.  You will be able to use any device that can connect over TCP/IP via telnet or web browser to act as a 'remote keyboard'.  This could be your desktop PC, another mobile phone or tablet, etc.  We are also working on some ideas for better on-screen keyboards for version 2 of Thunderword, later this year.

P.S. This keyboard solution works well enough to play Tetris for Z-Machine (Andrew Plotkin's freefall.z5 on IFDB).

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