Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thunderword [experimental] app updated - Hugo interpreter on Android

New alpha release put up on Google Play. The Hugo story "The Hugo Clock" opens fine in preliminary testing! Name files .hex or .hugo and rebuild the database. The new control panel choice "[ Useful A ]" has an easy macro pick to rebuild the search database. It should find .hex or .hugo files anywhere on your public /sdcard paths.


  1. FYI, because of the lack of a centralised place for the Hugo source code, I've put together this repository:

    The master branch is a merge of the garglk and hugo-unix code. I may merge some of the Hugor code later. If you find anything that should be fixed in Hugo itself, please do send in a pull request.

  2. Adding a link in the About page of Thunderword to that GitHub today. Thank you.

  3. I've had a chance to test this and I'm pretty pleased with its progress. One issue that I can see, though, is that games compiled with my Hugo library update, Roodylib, write in-game menu options to the status window which this interpreter completely ignores. Typing the ">SIMPLE MENUS" command will force numerical lists in the main window, but I feel odd making that mode the default for all glk interpreters as it'll make interpreters like Gargoyle and Lectrote seem less capable at first glance.

    Any chance the interpreter can draw the text in the status window when the game is waiting on a keypress and nothing has been written in the main text window yet?

    You can see the current behavior yourself with this game file:

  4. Roody: For sake of clarity, which interpreter correctly renders the "SIMPLE MENUS" of the game file you linked?

  5. Sorry, I was expecting google to notify me of any response by e-mail, but I guess it does not. "SIMPLE MENUS" should work the same in all interpreters; it lists menu options numerically in the main window. The default normal menu presentation is invisible in Text Fiction, though, as it writes the entire menu in the status window.